Fitness Friday: procrastination

Tomorrow is the last day of the month. As such, it’s the deadline for my coworker’s son to decide whether he will renew the lease on his apartment or move back home. His roommate moved out so, if he stays, he will have to pay the full rent and all utilities. If he moves back in with his parents, he can save money while looking for a place closer to work.

As of this morning, he still hasn’t decided what to do. He’s known the roommate was leaving since the beginning of the month. His parents offered him his old room weeks ago. Because of his work schedule (his days off are Monday and Tuesday), if he does go back home, he’ll now have to take a personal day to move. Of course, if he hadn’t procrastinated, he could have been moving things all month long or earlier this week. My coworker, who hates waiting until the last minute, can only shake her head.

I was thinking of him as I walked the dog this morning. I’ve chuckled at his indecision, laughing because I see myself in him. Last night, I had time to do a workout video, but what did I say to myself?

I can get up early and take a long walk in the morning.

At moments like that, I forget what life has been like since becoming a mother. My sleep schedule is not my own. It revolves around my son. And Philip, for all of his love of routine, is not one to adhere to a schedule when it comes to sleep. Sometimes, he stays up late. Sometimes, he goes to bed early and wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes, he goes to bed at a reasonable time only to wake up early.

Like this morning. He was up by 5:00 am. Fortunately, he didn’t keep me up too late the night before. However, he woke up grumpy. He needed some extra snuggles. By the time he had calmed down and I could take the dog out, there was no option for a long walk before work.

Every day I have to fight my urge to procrastinate. Getting healthy can’t wait until tomorrow. Putting off eating better meant putting on the pounds. Postponing exercise hasn’t helped, either. Thinking that I’ll start on Monday or Everything will change on the first of the month has to stopToday, I’m going to take advantage of any spare moments to get up and move.

Are you a procrastinator? What strategies do you use to tackle tasks you are avoiding? 

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: procrastination

  1. I have had this conversation with myself so many times–TOMORROW I can [exercise, make phone calls/appointments, clean up, etc.]. Thank goodness for the deadlines built into some things (like feeding my family), or I’d never get anything but reading and writing done.

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    1. I guess that is one of the challenges with building a healthy lifestyle: there is no deadline. I have to choose each day to do better. Even if I were to say, “I want to lose 10 pounds by x date” there’s nothing really forcing me to comply to that goal.
      Here’s to changing the conversations we have with ourselves to “No, TODAY!”


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