broken things

Let’s make a list of things that are broken
we’ll mend what we can with hammers and nails
with staples and super glue and strips of Scotch tape
what can’t be repaired we’ll toss in the rubbish
since, let’s face it, neither of us is handy
and some broken things are best discarded.

No amount of duct tape will fix the break.

Here’s the headless Precious Moments figurine after I dropped it on the floor
and the smashed chair leg after I sat my “lazy, fat ass” on the old, fragile thing
here’s the chipped plate from the set of good Corelle after you flung it against the wall
there’s the Honda’s shattered taillight after you backed into the lamp post
and the window in the back door after I locked you out that night.
My poor little toe after I tripped over the bed frame
just needs time and to be splinted to its crooked neighbor
but forget about the cracked, framed photo of our wedding day.

No amount of duct tape will fix the break.

Some broken items are noble in their decline
like the unreadable, moss-slick tombstone after years of standing sentry
or that maple’s branch and this tulip’s stem after the early morning storm
but my torn fingernail after I pulled the pop can tab just isn’t sexy
and many broken things, no matter the effort, can never be repaired:
your promises, my heart, our marriage.

No amount of duct tape will fix the break.

bop written for the yeah write April poetry slam.

16 thoughts on “broken things

  1. Really well done. The second stanza, how you dig deeper without “telling.” That tombstone image. Greenly envious. 🙂


  2. Thanks for reminding me – I need to pick up “The Graveyard Book.”

    This is beautifully done, Cyn. I’ve reread it a number of times, appreciating a new detail with each pass. I’m definitely passing the bop format along to my poetry writing friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a challenge and I’m not confident that I used the stanzas as explained. Still, it was a great challenge to try a new form.
      I’m listening to the full-cast edition of the book. It is fantastic!

      Liked by 1 person

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