Fitness Friday: no such thing as a free lunch

Back in August, I signed up at the Baskin-Robbins website so I could get a free ice cream cone on my birthday. I messed it up and now they think my birthday is in April and not August. That is all to explain why I have an email from them with a coupon for my free birthday cone.

As much as it pains me to do so, I’m deleting the email. I love free stuff. However, the nearest locations to work/home are a 30-minute drive, so it really isn’t “free.”

The cheapskate in me hates to turn down free food. I think this is one of the battles I face in eating healthier. When people bring in doughnuts, cookies or cupcakes to work, I have to say no and forget it. I have to remember it isn’t really “free,” because any weight I gain will force me to buy bigger clothes.

The “free” cone email is deleted. I’m ignoring the snacks sitting on the counter. Here’s to eating healthy food when I’m hungry and not whenever it is offered.

Do you face food temptations at work or elsewhere? 



4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: no such thing as a free lunch

  1. I get those emails, too. And when I go to Baskin Robbin, I always order more than my one free scoop. So, yeah. Not free.

    Thumbs up to you, though, deleting that email. My willpower when it comes to dessert and wine is not that strong.


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