March 2016 comments of the month

Looking back at last month’s posts, even though I went in planning for it to be “Musical March” I realized I found as much inspiration in nature as I did music. It seems my words about nature inspired readers, too. That’s why, for the first time ever, I picked two replies to feature as my “Comments of the Month.”

Jennifer from Graceful Press Poetry responded to my haiku, “spring frost,” in a poetic way:

That touch of spring sun must feel just as good to the flowers as it does to us! Love the first line especially–it’s like an evil spell that the dawn has to break.

Jennifer is kicking ass in April by writing a poem each day for National Poetry Month. Stop by her blog to see her tackle various forms of verse.


Traci created such a delightful image in response to “empty nest“:

Best of luck with the re-roofing. Here’s to hoping the bird’s neighbors got together and had a nest raising, so her home is tucked up someplace new and safe now.

I love the idea of birds banding together to help a neighbor out. Our next-door neighbor helped us out with our re-roofing project by carrying shingles and serving as a spotter. I hope the nest-less bird had someone watching its back, too.

Traci was being a good blog neighbor by stopping by my post after I shared it in the #MicroblogMondays link up. Won’t you return the favor by visiting her site?

Both Jennifer and Traci’s comments will live on at my Couldn’t have said it better page.

6 thoughts on “March 2016 comments of the month

    1. It forces me to go back through the comments for the month and make sure I’ve replied or acknowledged everyone. Sometimes the comments are better than my posts!


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