National Park Week

My screensaver alerted me to the fact that this is National Park Week (April 16 – 24, 2016). I feel like I should be reading about my favorite fictional National Park Ranger, Anna Pigeon. I’ll definitely give a cheer for my favorite real-life National Park volunteer.

Now that I think of it, I haven’t been to the closest national park in about a decade. I also didn’t realize there are eight sites in Ohio managed by the National Park Service. I guess I now have some new options for future day trips.

What about you – have you been to a national park lately? What’s your favorite?


13 thoughts on “National Park Week

  1. Rocky Mountain NP, Mammoth Cave NP, Carlsbad Caverns NP, Yellowstone NP, this year and we are on our way to volunteer at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in WI. Since we retired we’ve been volunteering at Depr of Interior parks and refuges (now a fish hatchery) and it’s a great way to see the wonderful resources our country protects for the enjoyment of people now and in the future! Thanks for writing about it!

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  2. I LOVE Anna Pigeon! Those stories always make me want to take a road trip to every national park in the US! Oddly enough, I discovered this series while living in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps Volunteer. 😉

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  3. One of my students comes from a family that aims to visit as many National Parks as they can. They spend every family vacation including at least one, if not more. I think this is such a cool idea and I wish I’d been clued into doing the same earlier — but of course we can always start now.

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  4. I have a yearly pass to my favourite National Park. I only get to go 6 or so times per year because it’s a 3 hour drive, but I love it and it makes me feel powerful to have it in my wallet.

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  5. Sad to say I’ve never been to a National Park, but it’s on my bucket list. I have visited/camped in almost all the Girl Scout campgrounds in the New Hampshire area, though. I hadn’t heard of National Park week before – thanks for the tip!


  6. Even just your photo up there is exhilarating. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a national park either. But state parks… local parks… love them. Running, kite flying…They’re absolutely the best free entertainment anywhere.


    1. I can’t take credit for the photo – it was from the NPS site.
      I try to take advantage of all parks – local, county and state. They are a great resource and so often free. That’s ideal for a cheapskate like me!


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