the breakfast of champions

Scene: As she drives me and Co-worker 2 to lunch, Co-worker 1 describes a complicated bit of coding she did to make an upcoming project easier to manage.

Co-worker 1: I Googled it and figured it all out by myself. I was crushing it!

Me: Cool!

Co-worker 2: Good job. Someone had her Wheaties today.

Co-worker 1: Exactly.

Long pause

Co-worker 1: Okay, it was two doughnuts from a gas station.


Did you eat your Wheaties today or grab some doughnuts at a gas station?Β 


11 thoughts on “the breakfast of champions

    1. Making your own has to be healthier than buying ones in the freezer section.
      I’ve been making scrambled eggs in big batches, then I reheat the individual serving in the morning. I’ve been using multigrain bagels, but I found some whole grain English muffins instead. More fiber, fewer calories!

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  1. LMAO! With only six sentences, you completely set the scene – I could totally see this happening. And honestly, I do believe donuts are a gift from the Universe, and as such, are endowed with magical powers. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to text hubby and ask him to stop at Dunkins on his way home… πŸ˜€


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