Fitness Friday: only fools rush in

Welcome back to Fitness Friday. I figure it’s time for an update on my progress:

  • I’ve lost 72 pounds
  • I’ve dropped four dress sizes
  • This week alone I logged 250,000 steps on my pedometer.

April Fool’s!

Now that THAT’S out of the way, here is my actual update:

  • I’ve lost fifteen pounds.
  • I haven’t gone down in size, but some of my clothes are fitting better.
  • I lapsed during Lent and ate fast food but that was only the second time in nine weeks that I indulged.
  • I’m consistently getting 8,000 steps per day on my pedometer.

Fifteen pounds is a good place to be after three months. Most experts recommend a slow and steady pace with weight loss. Lose too much too fast and your body thinks it’s starving. Even with a sensible plan, dieters can reach a plateau. That’s why I’m not rushing anything.

While I want/need to lose more weight, I’m focusing on the smaller tasks that will lead me to my goal. This week, I worked on getting 8,500 steps per day. I packed fruits and veggies as snacks. I continued to log everything I ate. I skipped pop in favor of tea and water. A year from now, I not only want to be closer to my target weight, I don’t want to be the fool who gave up because she didn’t see fast results.



5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: only fools rush in

  1. 15 pound too abstract for simple brain of monkey take in. instead monkey have visualization of cyn k shedding three five pound bag of sugar and say wow that lot of pounds!


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