empty nest

After it stormed Thursday night, I was sad to spot this in the yard the next morning:


I don’t think the bird even had the chance to lay her eggs. Sadder still, after it stormed again last night, the nest was nowhere to be seen.

Ever since we moved into our house, I become anxious when it is windy. While the home inspector said our roof should last another five years, the reality is that the adhesive is failing. Strong gusts of wind force the shingles to pop up or, worse, blow off the roof. Peter has nailed or caulked most of them back in place, but we are now out of nails and caulk. Fortunately, the replacement shingles are sitting on pallets beside our garage waiting for us to install them in April.

The poor nest-less bird has to start from scratch.

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – “Wind and Rain”



11 thoughts on “empty nest

  1. But is it better to have lost the nest before or after laying the eggs? (Neither really.)
    Good luck with the roof. I am sure it will be wonderful once you have it re-roofed.


  2. The nest may have fallen from a tree because of strong winds. You got to take care of the roof soon before the winds do more damage. Stay safe when you all climb up. Thanks for taking time to write about the book recommendations. I’ll be checking them out soon.


  3. Ah, your poor wee nest. I hope it was from last year, and so not secure at all, and the birds built somewhere new but close.

    Good luck with the roof & the wind!


  4. I trust the the resident/s of that nest are safe and sound in another home. Good luck on the roof repairs. Here’s to the weather giving you guys a chance to get that done.


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