emergence of creatures made mythic in winter

Spring peepers compete
Ducks waddle through rain-soaked lawn
Neighbor walks her dog


When yeah write announced that their March poetry slam form was haiku, I thought No, thanks. On the heels of National Haiku Writing Month, I just did not have the fortitude for even this tiniest of forms.
This morning, however, I observed some animals I had not seen all winter – including my neighbor! That just begged to be put into verse.

What signs of spring have you noticed today?

Linking to the #yw257 weekend writing showcase.Β 

21 thoughts on “emergence of creatures made mythic in winter

  1. I love that last line especially–so true in this part of the world that when the weather warms, all the people emerge just like the green. Beautiful title, too. πŸ™‚


  2. I read the haiku before I actually read the title. How weird am I? I wondered how the three lines connected and then read the title, and my mind was blown. Perfect combination of title & haiku.


    1. The title had to pull a lot of weight which is one reason I didn’t submit this haiku to the grid this week. The other reason is I knew I was missing the pause, so I saved it for the moonshine grid.

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