“think of inner self”

One reason I enjoy blogging is being inspired and encouraged by other writers. A few weeks ago, I had my fast food post scheduled for the Fitness Friday feature, when I read “Mirror, Mirror on my wall.” You should go read it. It was selected for Elan Morgan’s Five Star Mixtape Great Blog Roundup. Go on. I’ll wait.

Aren’t you glad you read that?

I was. Kerri inspired me to use prompt “When I look in the mirror . . .” for that day’s Fitness Friday post.  Since it was still National Haiku Writing Month, I made sure to include a short poem. I then shared my post at the Finish the Sentence Friday link-up.

Anna added her response to the prompt, too. She stopped by my blog to read and comment. Not just any comment. A comment in haiku!

great blog post today
makes me think of inner self
not wrinkles around eyes

While Anna is not the only person to comment in haiku in February, she was someone who has not yet had the honor of being selected as my comment of the month. Her words are now going to live on at my Couldn’t have said it better page.

I hope that you will treat Anna to a comment by visiting her blog.

In keeping with my Musical March theme, I found a song that’s all about accepting one’s wrinkles. “It seemed like a good pairing for Anna’s comment.

Those wrinkles ain’t nothin’ to be scared of
They’re just a product of time and true love
Some are gonna come and go
Some are gonna come and stay
I still feel young, I’m gonna be ok

Diamond Rio – “Wrinkles”

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