Fitness Friday: no fast food

I’ve given up fast food for Lent.

Well, that’s not quite true. As part of my “Year of No,” I swore off fast food back in January. I made it three weeks then found an excuse for grabbing breakfast from the McDonald’s drive-thru. I swore it was a temporary slip, but I was munching on another bacon, egg and cheese biscuit the following week then I grabbed lunch from Taco Bell three weeks ago.

Fast food is a slippery slope for me. Do I choose the healthiest options on the menu? Of course not. Give me a large! Can I have extra mayo? Grilled chicken? Nope – give it to me fried and crispy. I used fast food for breakfasts and lunches two to four times during the work week. I hate to think how many calories I consumed. Wait – now that I’m keeping a food journal, I know exactly how I blew most of the day’s calories at lunch. Let’s not even look at the sodium count.

I told myself that it was faster to go through the drive-thru than to take the time to make food at home. I conveniently forgot all the times I’ve sat in line waiting to place my order.

So, I’ve re-committed to giving up fast food. Lent offers a nice time frame in which to practice self-control. So far, I’ve had plenty of leftovers to pack for lunch during the work week. I’ve stocked up on frozen lunches and canned soups, taking care to find the healthiest options for both. It takes planning, but I know it will be worth it because avoiding fast food not only helps my waistline, it helps my pocketbook.

I’m on day 21 of no fast food and it’s day 26 of NaHaiWriMo. Here’s a haiku bidding adieu to my fattening friends:

So long, McDonald’s
Toodle-oo, Taco Bell
Bye-bye Burger King.

Are you observing Lent? Did you give something up or decide to do something positive each day? What strategies are you using to stay on track? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. 




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