Sunday Slideshow: sticktoitiveness

It’s hard to believe Philip didn’t have school on Tuesday due to snow. All of the white stuff melted by yesterday when the temperatures reached the sixties. Philip tromped in every mud puddle around our house when I took him out to play.

Even though the weather today wasn’t nearly as warm as Saturday, it was still nice enough to take Philip outside again. I decided, however, that we both needed a change of scene. That’s why we went on a hike at a local county park featuring a large pond that attracts waterfowl.

At this time of year, only Canadian geese were walking across the frozen water and swimming in the thawed sections. Philip didn’t mind the lack of variety. He was more interested in sticks. He must have picked up a dozen different sticks on our half-hour walk. I took photos of him with the sticks until my camera’s battery died.

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Philip and his sticks inspired the haiku for day 21 of NaHaiWriMo.

each stick is unique
balance, texture, length varies
a prize briefly held.

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