swimming lessons

I tread the earth unlightly, waist too wide,
my thighs too thick, my bulging butt obscene.
I cram my fat in jeans whose buttons strain,
detested body stealing too much space.

I need to be in water floating free
to drown the noise that clutters up my mind,
my hair let loose and dancing round my head,
my adipose an ally not my foe.

Each stroke propels, I’m gliding strong and quick.
Forgiving lycra hugs my swimming form.
The ripples I create, I need not hide,
I’m buoyant, weightless, full of grace and calm.

If only I could learn to swim on land,
my soul and pride defying gravity.

15 thoughts on “swimming lessons

    1. I definitely wanted the contrast, even if it meant venturing into hyperbole in that first stanza.
      I’m glad you liked that line. It had various permutations before I found the right combination.

      Liked by 1 person

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