Fitness Friday: rewards to make it fun

Five weeks ago, I introduced this new weekly feature. At the time, I didn’t expect to post every week. But since the name of the weight loss game is consistency, I knew writing about my process would be just one more good habit to keep me on the path to a healthier me.

Five weeks isn’t a long time, but I’m counting it as a success. According to Peter, AKA Mr. C’s Dad, short-term goals are the way to go. He explained how he and his wife set goals and reward themselves in comments on my Fitness Friday post called “planning it out:”

  1. What my wife and I are trying to do is to set reasonable goals. Instead of setting a weight loss goal of ‘lose 30 pounds’, we have short-term goals like ‘no sugar in my coffee for a week’, or ‘work out at the gym 10 times’. The ’10 times’ doesn’t have to be consecutive days too.

    There are rewards for achieving goals to make it fun. She’s a genius at setting up these rewards. ‘Loose 5 pounds’ means we get to try a new cookie recipe.

    1. In everything I’ve read about goal-setting, it sounds like you and your wife are following the key elements: make it measurable, give it a time frame and build in incentives.

I like the way his wife thinks. Of course, I was glad when Peter mentioned the new book. At this point, a new cookie recipe would be disastrous. Who am I kidding? I don’t bake cookies, I just eat them!

I love the idea of rewarding one’s self. As I stated in my reply to Peter, I’ve read that incentives are a key component of setting and achieving goals. I’m going to have to figure out how I can reward myself with something other than food. I see a new fitness post in my future!

Because of his helpful suggestion, I’ve chosen Peter as my January 2016 Comment of the Month. His words will leave on at my Couldn’t have said it better page. I hope that you will stop by his blog and leave a helpful comment or other kind words on one of his posts.

Peter also inspired the haiku for day 5 of NaHaiWriMo:

cookie temptation:
if I resist you ten times
reward: a good book

Thanks, Peter, for the writing and fitness inspiration!

Your turn: how do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal? 



4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: rewards to make it fun

  1. Thanks for the nice words and link! I’ll admit that our goals are fairly modest, but it helps us to break it down into doable chunks.

    On a somewhat related area, there was a Report on the radio yesterday about how it can help to motivate kids using very specific goals and rewards. Such as instead of giving all the kids on the soccer team a generic participation trophy, try to think of specific awards for each kid like ‘Best running across the field’ or ‘Best sportsmanship with the other teams’

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    1. I wish they would use some of in my workplace for employee recognition! I don’t worry about it too, much, but I think some coworkers feel underappreciated. But rather than a blanket email saying “Good job, everybody” I think they need to single out individuals.
      Thanks again for another thoughtful comment.

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  2. “I don’t bake cookies, I eat them.” This describes me so well! I love cooking and baking but I’ve had to cut down and change to cooking and baking sugar free etc, otherwise an entire batch of cookies will do a disappearing act before they’ve even cooled!

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    1. I’m proud to say that, the last time I baked cookies, they were those 2-ingredient cookies that you make with ripe bananas and oatmeal. Otherwise, I can’t be bothered to bake.

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