Cracker Jack

Anticipation –
box ripped, snack dumped, prize revealed:
just a dumb sticker

No 5-7-5

Cracker Jack was on sale at the grocery store, so Peter bought some for Philip. Philip’s never had it before, and he didn’t seem interested in having it again. He loves popcorn, but not the caramel-covered stuff. He shared most of it with the dog. The prize did not captivate him either. It ended up discarded on the floor.

Philip may not have been inspired but I have a haiku for day 4 of NaHaiWriMo.

4 thoughts on “Cracker Jack

  1. I’ve noticed the prizes in Cracker Jacks are just not very good these days. You wrote a good haiku about it , though! 🙂 Sorry for the little guy’s disappointment in the snack and prize.


    1. We didn’t have Cracker Jack very often when I was growing up, but it does seem to me there was more suspense. The three-pack we bought for Philip all had Major League Baseball-themed stickers. Boring!


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