Fitness Friday: watered down

Drink plenty of fluids.

As I resume another round of antibiotics to try to knock out my lingering upper respiratory infection, I am advised to keep hydrated. This is advice I can get on board with. Coughing fits are keeping me up at night, so I have no energy for an intense workout. Heck, I have no energy for an un-intense workout. While warming up with a yoga video, I ended up coughing during the deep breaths. I decided I would be better off sticking with last week’s resolution to do less sitting at work and home.

Since I’m not burning a ton of calories, I can’t afford any extra ones in my beverages. After Christmas, I gave up soda. Two weeks ago, I stopped ordering iced coffees. I’ve replaced these liquid calories with water. The only indulgence I’m allowing myself is honey-sweetened tea. As long as I’m coughing, I need something extra to soothe my throat.

In the past, I would have been tempted to down tons of orange juice to fight off a cold. Fruit juices may have vitamins, but they lack the fiber of actual fruit. Now I treat the tickle in my throat with water or tea.

When I last lost weight, sticking to water was a key to my success. However, I used to try to trick the scale by weighing myself first thing in the morning before I ate or drank anything. This time, I am following the suggestion of Jenna Wolfe in her book Thinner in 30. I’m keeping a water bottle beside my bed. Before my feet touch the floor in the morning, I am drinking twenty sips to get my day (and metabolism) started right. I’m finding that the water is helping me wake up even though I feel a bit crappy at the moment. When my sinuses are no longer trying to kill me, I can only imagine the boost I’ll get from those sips.

Moving forward, water will be my friend. I’ll need it when I go for walks and or when I workout. It will give me an excuse to get up from my desk for a refill. Drinking water will save me money. Water will aid digestion, flush toxins, prevent constipation, curb my appetite, keep my skin healthy, lubricate my joints and just all around help me kick ass.

Bottoms up.




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