smell ya later

My car stinks.

I think the source of the smell is from spilled milk. I thought I had wiped it all up, but I must have missed some. Don’t worry, no one has cried over it. Yet.

At first, I suspected it was some handmade soaps that I received as Christmas gifts from coworkers. I left them in my parked car for a few days. I thought the close confines made them less appealing, but removing them did not remove the odor.

Two weeks ago, I was pleased that the smell went away. Then I realized that I couldn’t smell anything thanks to my upper respiratory infection.

Last week, I offered to drive some coworkers to the store during our lunch break.

“My car may smell,” I warned them. “My nose is too stuffed up to tell.” After some nervous laughter, one of them offered to drive instead.

By the next day, I knew my car still stinks. On the up side, that means my sinuses are clearing out. On the down side, my car smells and I don’t know why.


This tale of the amazing disappearing and reappearing smell is another Just Jot It January post. Today’s optional prompt is prestidigitation. That word is so much more magical than my story. 

4 thoughts on “smell ya later

  1. If you can remember where the milk spilled perhaps rub some vanilla on it. Vanilla gets rid of the musty odors in coolers and the like, so why not? Or try some activated charcoal (what you use to filter in aquariums).


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