Sunday Slideshow: snow both real and fake

Philip likes to make his own snow. He cuts or tears paper into tiny pieces and then sprinkles it around: on the floor, on tables, on the bed.

Today, Philip enjoyed both fake snow and real snow. Inside, he cut snowflakes and let them fall around the house. Since he is over his infection and the temperatures weren’t terribly cold, we then went outside to play. Just like with the paper, he scooped snow in his hands and let it sprinkle to the ground. He made footprints in the snow, threw snow against the house, deck and slide.

His sandbox was full of rainwater that froze, and he turned that into his own personal skating rink.

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As I was bundling up Philip for our outside play, Peter said, “Make a big snow ball and throw it at Mommy.”

“Ha, ha,” I replied.

Little did I know that, when I told Philip, “All done!” he would listen to Dad’s instructions. In protest of returning inside, he threw clumps of snow at me. I had to laugh. I’m just glad we didn’t get hit by winter storm Jonas. Philip would have had way too much ammunition then.

go play go learn badge

This is my first time joining the Go Play, Go Learn link-up. The current challenge was, what else, snow! I knew Philip would find tons of ways to experience snow both fake and real.


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