all brr no zzz

I wanted to take a nap during my lunch break. I was exhausted getting myself dressed this morning. I’ve been off of work for four days, but that’s not so restful when you have a husband and son at home that still demand your attention. Then, when even when everyone else in the house was finally asleep and expected nothing from me, my damn cough kept me awake.

Unfortunately, as a lowly secretary who does not have her own private office, the only place I can snooze at work is in my car. That’s really not an option when it’s seventeen degrees outside but feels like five. Even if I were to leave my engine running, I’m sure there would be all brrr and no zzz.


This is another Just Jot It January post. I accidentally used today’s optional prompt: climate. I need a warmer climate to catch a midday nap. Or maybe I would never have gotten sick in a warmer climate. I guess we’ll never know. 

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