Introducing Fitness Friday

It’s so cliche, but it’s hard to resist the allure of making a fresh start with a new year. Thirteen years ago it happened to me. I was heading back to Albuquerque after visiting family over the holidays. We had stopped for the night in a hotel where I used points to upgrade to a suite. In the fancy bathroom was a scale, something I didn’t own at the time. I got on and was shocked by the number. When did I get this fat? I thought.

After we got home, I joined Curves for Women, changed my diet then lost and kept off sixty pounds over the next four years.

And then I got pregnant and gained most of it back.

I never managed to take off all of the pregnancy weight, but I stayed active and modified my diet in the hopes I could get back to my pre-pregnancy weight plus drop another ten pounds.

And then I stopped taking walks, slipped back into bad eating habits and gradually gained it all back. The buttons on my shirt started to strain. I squeezed into too-tight pants. Yet, I hadn’t reached a tipping point until I saw this photo:

12.27.15 bowling






We took Philip bowling during winter break. I forgot to take my camera, so Peter was in charge of taking a picture on my flip phone. This unflattering shot is what I ended up with.

Now, I’m all for embracing yourself no matter what your size is. I’m against fat-shaming. But looking at this photo, I remember how winded I was WHILE BOWLING. I could barely bend down to help Philip because my jeans are too small. I don’t like how I look in this picture, but, more importantly, I don’t like how I felt.

That’s why I’m introducing this new feature on my blog: Fitness Friday. I’m going to use this space to hold myself accountable. I’m going to announce my intentions and then report back on my progress at least one Friday per month. I’m going to pick one healthy habit to work on at a time and hope that small changes add up to a big loss.

I’m tired of getting out of breath when I take the stairs. I’m tired of not having clothes that fit. I’m tired of aches and pains from carrying extra pounds. I’m tired of being tired.

No more.


Another post as part of Just Jot It January. 




12 thoughts on “Introducing Fitness Friday

  1. right there with you. lost nearly 60lbs (again) last year and put back 30 recently. like, really? REALLY. it’s so hard. not sure if you’re on Instagram or not, but i find a TON of motivation and inspiration there. also My Fitness Pal was/is a lifesaver for me.


    1. A co-worker was just talking to me about My Fitness Pal. I had heard other bloggers praise it, but didn’t know it let’s you scan the barcodes of foods. Of course, I don’t have a smartphone, so that doesn’t really help me.


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