Two letters, yet so powerful. That’s why I’ve chosen it to be my #oneword2016. This is my first time participating in the challenge, so you would think I would pick something less negative.


I’m going to embrace this word and use it at will. It seems counterintuitive, but I know positive change and opportunity will arise by saying, “No.” I look forward to exploring the inspiration and transformation here on my blog.

What about you – have you chosen one word?

It’s okay to say no.



17 thoughts on “No

  1. I agree – “no” can be used in a very positive way (like setting boundaries for yourself). I really need to sit down and focus on my one word for the year. It’s tough – there are so many good words to choose from! 😀

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  2. No is a great word to have for the year! It gives you the right to focus on yourself, something we should all do more often.

    My word for 2016 is Balance. Trying to balance my health, work and social activities with rest and recovery.

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  3. I am going to post about my word within a day or two, but I so get that you chose “no.” It was one of the words I was considering as well. It holds a lot of power. Wishing you all the best with using that power in 2016!


  4. Ha — maybe I will borrow your word. I’ve been trying to get better at saying it. Or, at the very least, only saying yes to the things that don’t make me feel resentful.


    1. Borrow away! I’m thinking that my “year of no” will not only inspire my own blog entries, but that I will also feature others’ writings on the power of no, too.


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