Sunday Slideshow: our first Christmas tree

Yetserday, we set up our first Christmas tree. I suppose that, technically, this isn’t our first, but the others were of the tabletop variety. Watching Philip slowly destroy even tiny trees kept us from setting up a full-sized one in the past. In fact, we purchased this tree last year, but opted not to assemble it because of this:

Even this year, we waited until a week out from the holiday. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve  said, “Don’t touch that” or “leave it alone” or “put that back” or “ornaments stay  on the tree” or anything of the other variations of stop and no that I can dream up.

Peter gets the privilege of spending Philip’s first three days of winter break alone with our son, so he’ll need his own repertoire of phrases. Still, hearing Philip utter his approximation of “Christmas tree” and seeing him smile as I handed him the ornaments will make it worth all the aggravation.

I hope.

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