the usual

Late again and buzzed – she’ll have my hide.
Crashing here on the couch to sleep
it off. Hearing her nag me? No rush.

Clocked out early, beat the evening rush
Claimed my favorite stool with soft cow hide
Drank enough to put my fears to sleep.

Pounding headache pulls me out of sleep.
Shit! I’m late for work.  I gotta rush.
Grab some coffee, find a place to hide.

Hide my hangover, curse my lack of sleep then wait until I can rush back to the bar.


11 thoughts on “the usual

  1. This pretty much sums up my twenties. I like the voice in this, it’s very relatable. I would have liked more imagery and to know who “she” is and what/if any stakes are raised by the narrator’s behavior.


    1. I tried to work in another reference to she in an early draft, but couldn’t finesse it. It seems like “she” let him oversleep and I didn’t get to explore that or the ramifications. Thanks for the feedback. It helps while dabbling in this form.


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