as lonely as the last canape

I blamed a project deadline, but that’s not why I skipped the office holiday party. Promises of fun at last year’s fete proved false. I felt as square as a cheese cube, and my coworkers’ stares pierced me like cellophane frill toothpicks.

13 thoughts on “as lonely as the last canape

    1. Quite a few people shared horror stories with me after I posted this and shared another blogger’s tale. It does seem a universal source of pain and awkwardness except for the social butterflies.

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    1. This year the weather was so pleasant that I left my coat in the car and brought soft drinks that I could leave behind so that I could make a quick getaway from the party.


  1. This is exactly why I don’t meet up for drinks after work with coworkers and I’ve stopped going to the holiday parties. It’s never any fun; I’m too in my own head trying to think of appropriate things to say. Not worth the effort.

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