Monday Mixtape: why didn’t you go?

I don’t like crowds, so I avoid events and activities that will require me to mix and mingle with groups of people. I’m no stranger to this week’s ultimate question at yeah write: why didn’t you go? Well-intentioned people try to convince me that they had fun so I would have had fun, too. Nope, sorry. Doesn’t work that way.

But let’s get out of my head and away from my neuroses and find some other plausible answers to the question.

Maybe he was just ready to leave, but then he saw her and stayed.

“I Saw Her Standing There” by The Beatles

What do you mean, why didn’t I go? I’ve already left.

“Already Gone” by The Eagles

I can’t say I’ve ever used this excuse, but such impairment seems like a valid reason.

“Because I Got High” by Afroman

A lack of transportation can force one to stay, too.

“I Missed the Bus” by Kris Kross

Laziness is the answer. Why should he go when she’ll come to him?

“My Baby Comes to Me” by The Coasters

This is it! The final day of the NaBloPoMo/Nano Poblano/NoMo challenges! Why didn’t I go? I’ve been too busy blogging!

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