Sunday Slideshow: 4-H Holiday Program

For the second year in a row, I took Philip took our local 4-H program’s annual holiday event. He only broke one ornament.

I was impressed that most of the crafts were different from last year. We skipped most of the food-based crafts since Philip isn’t really interested in eating the finished products. The one exception was the melted snowman. This was made by spreading white frosting on a chocolate covered graham cracker. At home, Philip took one bite of the cookie and a couple licks of the frosting before handing over to me, proving I had made the right choice.

I was impressed by the bird feeder project made with several pieces of wood and an empty aluminum can. Philip most enjoyed the sock snowman. He liked squishing the rice that was used to fill the body. I’ve stashed this along with all the other projects on top of our fridge. I really don’t want to find all of the pieces (especially the rice) around the house.

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