My hand hurts. My right hand. My dominant hand, the one I use to write, to open jars, brush my teeth and control my computer’s mouse. I’m thinking that last task is the source of my pain. By the end of the day, my hand hurts more. If I’m lucky, by morning I feel okay. Like this morning. But now – ouch.
I broke down and called my doctor. I have an appointment next week.
Moral of the story: this is all you get for Day 24.

7 thoughts on “ouch

    1. I immediately went to worst-case scenario – needing surgery and being without my hand for several weeks. I didn’t appreciate how much I need/use my hand until this happened.


    1. Yes, the pain wasn’t nearly as bad by the time I got to my appointment. Of course, that was after I spent several days using my mouse with my left hand. I learned that I am not ambidextrous.


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