Sunday Slideshow: Raingutter Regatta

As I got Philip ready for the scouting event, Peter said, “If he doesn’t win, don’t bring him home.”

We laughed. I guess we’re a bit warped that way.

On Saturday, Philip’s cub scout pack held a Raingutter Regatta. I’d heard of the Pinewood Derby, but not of the boating equivalent.

Peter did most of the assembly work on Philip’s trimaran. Philip is more into deconstruction.

Not only was Philip grumpy that I wouldn’t let him manhandle the boat before the contest, he wasn’t pleased that he wasn’t allowed to splash in the pair of rain gutters. Once he got to watch the first contestants using a straw to blow their boats in the gutters.

It was a double-elimination tournament, and I thought Philip might have half a chance on his second try, but his boat got caught on the side. And then he stopped blowing. But he was smiling.

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Philip didn’t win, but I brought him home anyway.

Day 22 of the NaBloPoMo/yeah write NoMo/NanoPoblano challenges. 

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