ever after

you’re invited
to my celebration:
an after party
to be held after a while
when the time is finally right
on a sunny afternoon
or maybe after hours.
I’ll bask in the afterglow of
dutifully doing everything I should
and postponing my dreams
until after:
after school
after work
after the kids grow up
after I save money
after I lose weight
I will live happily ever after
in my exciting after-life
(or so I hope to find after all)

I borrowed a prompt from my yeah write NoMo rowmie, Jennifer, who is participating in the November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

This is Day 18 of the NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/yeah write NoMo challenges.

24 thoughts on “ever after

    1. It’s hard to find the balance when delaying gratification. It’s never good to demand everything RIGHT NOW, but some things just shouldn’t be put off too long or they’ll never happen.

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  1. I love your word play and you present your point in such a relatable and interesting way. You are turning out to be quite the poet, Cyn. Don’t I recall you saying you didn’t do that stuff a while back?


    1. I had given up poetry after high school. Reading poetry in college proved too intimidating. It’s been fun to do the poetry slams and learn/relearn the various forms, techniques and concepts.


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