Sunday Slideshow: reduce, reuse, recycle!

This afternoon, Philip and I traveled to the OSU Extension office in Lorain County to attend their Fall Community Event. The theme, coinciding with America Recycles Day, was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! We met up with three other cub scouts from our pack.

“This is going to be boring,” said the one.

“Yeah, boring,” another agreed.

“What?!” exclaimed one of the volunteers staffing the event. “This is not going to be boring at all. Look!”

She produced to produce a bubble snake.

All mentions of boredom ceased as she showed how an empty water bottle could be turned into an awesome bubble blower. Philip was all over this. Literally, of course. He only stuck his hand in the bubbles once, but he chased the streams of bubbles the others were making, poking and stomping them. The bottom of the water bottle was cut off and a sock was pulled taut over the bottle. The cap stays off so, after you dip the end into the solution, you can blow through and create bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

Philip’s fellow scouts were engaged in a bubble war, so we snuck back inside to create an ornament. A different volunteer guided Philip as he cut an old Christmas card to glue on a mason jar lid.  Said volunteer also had to keep asking Philip not to put his hand in the tubs of glitter. They were sparkly goodness that he found hard to resist.

Next stop was the creation of a shaker using an empty toilet paper roll, beads, waxed paper and duct tape. Shaking the final product kept Philip occupied while we waited our turn to do sand painting. I think Philip enjoyed this the most – pouring layers of colored sand into an empty baby food jar and then moving a stick through to create waves. He did not want the volunteer to do it. He immediately grabbed the canisters so he could control the flow.

The last thing we did was make a pine comb bird feeder. There was a scavenger hunt, coloring, a recycling game and face painting, but Philip was waving and saying “Go.” He was in a good mood, not overwhelmed, so I figured we should quit while we were ahead.


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Day 15 of NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/yeah write NoMo challenges!

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