ten things of thankful: Friday the 13th edition

Do you believe in luck?

Since it’s Friday the Thirteenth, I’ve been pondering that question. When life is upside down and everything seems to go wrong, I blame it on bad luck. When life is going well I assume this is the result of hard work, diligence and my vast intelligence.

Of course, I’m blessed enough that it is never EVERYTHING that goes wrong at once. Plus, I have to acknowledge that my choices determine the outcome and bad luck isn’t always to blame. Nor can I steal all the credit when things go right. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s luck. All I know is that it doesn’t hurt to show some gratitude to the universe. That’s why I’m joining Lizzie and her co-hosts in her weekly Ten Things of Thankful link-up.

Ten Things of Thankful

Bit of good luck # 1

Philip peered curiously into the skillet as I browned hamburger and onions. “I’m making spaghetti sauce,” I told him. He watched as I added garlic and spices then grew bored and went off to play. I heated up several slices of salami since I knew he wouldn’t eat spaghetti with us.

When the pasta was al dente and the sauce had simmered, I served a bowl to Peter. Philip came over to the dish and grabbed a noodle. “Wait, Philip,” I called. I gave him his own dish. And he ate it! For the first time, Philip ate spaghetti with meat sauce. It’s always exciting when he adds a new food to his repertoire.

Bit of good luck # 2

Peter and I just found a new dentist that we both like. I wrote here about how I appreciated that he didn’t shame or lecture us about our care. I got a great report considering it’s been twenty years since I had a professional cleaning. Peter wasn’t so lucky – he had to have a tooth extracted. But we were both impressed when the dentist himself phoned later that day to check on Peter.

Bit of good luck # 3

I found a CVS coupon in my purse just when I thought I was going to have to pay full price!

Bit of good luck # 4

Philip enjoys watching PBS Kids shows. He’s a huge Curious George fan and has owned many of the DVDs. We have several of the shows on our Netflix queue, we borrow DVDs from the library, plus Philip has bookmarks on my laptop for PBSKids.org.

For the past several days, Philip has asked for the markers. He has been writing “Martha Speaks” over and over. The week before it was Arthur. He also drew the “play” and “play all” icons from the DVD menus. Then he added his version of the PBS Kids logo.

I pointed to this and sang the opening promo theme song:

Philip looked at me, then he chanted it back! I was thrilled. I sang it again. He repeated. Then he did the first half, and I finished. It was an amazing call and response moment that I wanted to capture on video, but I was much happier to be experiencing it.

Bit of good luck # 5

Philip maybe got a little carried away with one of those DVDs he borrowed from the library. The DVD may have already been split in half which made Philip want to rip the plastic cover off.

I won’t be paying any fines, however, since I maybe own some spare DVD cases because Philip may have done this to his own Curious George DVD collection. The library is receiving an intact case, so I maybe dodge a bullet.

Bit of good luck # 6

Philip wanted nothing to do with having his picture taken at school last month. We were disappointed because we like to send copies out with our Christmas cards. When picture retake day arrived, I filled out a new order form, sent it to school and crossed my fingers.

We still have to see the final results, but Philip was at least willing to sit down for the photo. Will we get a smile this year? I’ll keep you posted.

Bit of good luck # 7

I found out that Philip sat for the photo when his teacher called me that same afternoon. During recess, Philip met a mud puddle he couldn’t resist. His shoes pants and socks were soaked, and the school nurse didn’t have any to spare. I’m thankful that Peter was available to drop off a change of clothes. I’d be happier if Philip would stay out of the puddles . . .

Bit of good luck #8

I finished a great audiobook this week: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. I wish I could articulate all the reasons I loved the book. The details she selected to highlight, the way she described scenes were all amazing yet not overdone. The shift between past and present added to rather than distracting from the narrative. The omniscient narrator was trustworthy and allowed the reader to view the same scenes from several different perspectives.

By finishing this book, I now only have seven more books to go to meet my goal of 65 books for the year. I have three in progress because that’s the way I roll.

Bit of good luck #9

My boss keeps a candy dish in her office and she restocks it with a nice variety of sweets. I’ve had some chocolate therapy this week when facing a few minor frustrations.

Bit of good luck # 10

With the completion of this post, the first 13 days of NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/yeah write NoMo challenges have been a success!



31 thoughts on “ten things of thankful: Friday the 13th edition

  1. On Friday the 3th, I went ice skating and my friend broke her arm.
    So, on the good luck thing 1. It was an impressive fall. 2. I have a licence 3. I have a car 4. I could drive her to the hospital. 4.We still laughed a lot. 5.Friends. 🙂


  2. Sounds like a lot of little victories with Phillip this week – that’s wonderful. Your post made me feel a little nostalgic because my daughter (now 11 going on 25) used to watch all the same shows when she was a tike. Congrats on the good dental health and wishes for another lucky week for you to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate to spoil his fun, but it’s not like he can strip off his wet clothes at school.
      I dropped off a set of spares the next day so that we can avoid the phone calls in the future. Mostly to avoid the delay of getting out of wet garments!


  3. Kudos to your for writing and posting for thirteen days in a row. I’m trying NaNoWriMo and it is definitely a daunting task. I love that Philip is growing and having fun by trying new foods, jumping in mud puddles and enjoying children’s literature on DVD. Yay for chocolate therapy.


    1. I’ve been MIA from TTOT. I love putting together the posts, but never seem to be able to visit all of the links. It makes me feel like a bit of a heel to link up and leave.
      Yes, he has gotten taller. I can hardly believe it myself!


  4. My husband never went to the dentist as a child. I, on the other hand, went to the dentist every six months my entire life. I only missed an appointment or two in college. I had braces and then a mouthguard, seeing as how I grind my teeth at night. Basically, my mouth is a mess. The first time my husband went to the dentist was after we married. We had moved to a different state and so both of us were meeting the dentist for the first time. As the hygienist poked around and cleaned my teeth, she said, “Your husband has one of the most beautiful mouths we’ve ever seen.” Do I believe in luck? Possibly. Glad your appointment went well.

    PBS, hands down, has the best kids’ programming. The shows my teens watched when they were little aren’t on anymore, but the new ones my young kids watch are just as good.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I enjoyed that book by Ng so much. I also enjoyed the days when my kids were small and watched PBS, wrote all the words as they discovered them, and borrowed DVDs from the library! Made me a little misty!


  6. Little victories are always great blessings. Adding food to the safe list? Awesome – we very much understand that here. Meanwhile, your sauce sounds delicious. Send some.
    Our daughter watched PBS shows – still does. Lots of good stuff there and we always enjoyed Martha Speaks. Very cute.
    Have a wonderful week!

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  7. A new food! I am in the time of life that I would have a hearty appreciation for that too. I have the pickiest three year old. A dentist appt with no further work needed is indeed a thankful. I had a cavity last time. Boo.


    1. Sorry about your cavity. And that I couldn’t leave a comment on your post. I’ve been having issues with Blogspot lately. I just wanted to say I love your furniture – so much character.


  8. Your TTOT was such a fun read. I have always loved the PBS programs whether for adults or for kids! This past week I had an unexpected trip to the dentist and am also thankful for having a good dentist. I mentioned a little bit more about that on my TTOT too. Little boys and mud puddles—I remember when my son went through that season of his life too. Having “chocolate therapy” available is a big TTOT. I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

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