Meet my NoMo rowmies!

Thirty posts in thirty days can be a daunting challenge. It always helps when you have others with whom to commiserate. This year for NaBloPoMo, I have two teams cheering me on. Today, I want to feature my rowmies at the yeah write NoMo challenge, the ones who remind me “No mo’ excuses!”

What’s a rowmie? Well if you click on the badge above, you see a grid full of links sorted by rows and columns. My rowmies are the bloggers in the same row as me. We are tasked with visiting them to read, like and comment on their daily posts.

I must admit I’ve been a bit lax on this, so I thought I better show them some love and knock out Day 6 with a post dedicated just to them.

Wenceslas Hollar - Three Furies

Blog nameModern Day Dirae
Author: Seraphina
What you’ll find: thought-provoking essays, poetry and microstories
On Instagram: moderndirae
On Twitter: @moderndirae
A post that will make you thinkCis is not a slur

Michelle Longo

Blog nameMichelle Longo
Author: Michelle
What you’ll find: personal essays about her adult life as an employee, wife and mother plus stories from Michelle’s childhood
On Facebook: Michelle Longo Personal Blog
On Twitter: @michellelongo
Fun fact: Michelle just became the managing editor at yeah write!
A post that makes me shout, “Amen, sister!”: Standard Saving Time

Blog nameGraceful Press Poetry
Author: Jennifer G. Knoblock
What you’ll find: microstories and gorgeous poetry in various forms often inspired by Jennifer’s travels
On Twitter: @Gracefulpress
Fun fact: Jennifer has taken on the November PAD Chapbook Challenge
A jaw-droppingly beautiful poem: faith without deeds is


I hope you take the time to visit these three blogs. Later this month the grid will be rearranged, and I’ll have three new rowmies to introduce.

*checks another post over the list*

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