Sunday Slideshow: Pioneers in the Park

This past week has been miserable. Philip missed a week of school because he couldn’t go a day without throwing up. Then he was kind enough to share his stomach virus with me, so I spent Thursday and Friday at home sick, too.

But by Friday, we were both on the mend, enough so that I decided to take advantage of the great weather on Saturday. Philip and I drove to Buckeye Woods Park, the site of the 31st Annual Pioneers in the Park. From vendors to an old-time baseball game to demonstrations of living and working from days gone by to a hammered dulcimer performance, there was plenty to see, smell and hear. The park district also had a children’s craft tent where Philip created a necklace from buckeyes and beads.

All the fresh air and fun activities was just what we needed have being cooped up all week. We had a such a great time, this event is going on my list of annual things to do. In fact, since it continues through today, we just might go back for more.

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This event coincided with the annual Medina County Fall Foliage Tour. Stop by next Sunday to see more photos from other stops on the tour.

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