Sunday Slideshow: basketball

This is a story about what we didn’t do this weekend.

On Saturday, we didn’t go on the county Farm Bureau’s drive-it-yourself tour because it rained. Today, the weather was perfect for the scouting event at the zoo. Unfortunately, I was awakened at 4:00 am by the sound of Philip barfing. No trip to the zoo.

By this afternoon, Philip was keeping food and drink down and I really wanted to get away from the scent of vomit. I asked Philip, “Do you want to play basketball?” He immediately got his shoes on and then repeated the word “basketball” at least a dozen time as we drove to the court.

This vocalization is how I figured out how much Philip enjoys the sport. Last month, the monthly Home Depot Kids Workshop was a football toss game. Philip kept saying, “basketball.” Then I saw how much he loved to bounce the ball at our weekly scout meetings. I realized that we could take advantage of the basketball court at our local community center to encourage this verbalizing and to get some exercise.

We didn’t stay outside long this  afternoon. The ball is going a bit flat, so Philip wasn’t able to dribble as much as he would like. Plus, I can tell that he isn’t at 100%. Still, I think we both appreciated the fresh air. Philip grabbed my hand to let me know he was ready to go home. As we walked to the car, he repeated one of his favorite new words: basketball.

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