whetting the appetite

While tidying up, I snuck some crumbs off of privilege’s table. Those sweet morsels melted on my tongue. They tasted of freedom, power, wealth, and choice. But the meager bits could not fill my belly. They only left me hungry for more.

10 thoughts on “whetting the appetite

  1. “I snuck some crumbs off of privilege’s table,” I love that line. I really enjoy how you put words together like that.. always thought provoking.


  2. Like Jen, I love that line about sneaking crumbs off of privileges table. Even cheese would taste sweeter served with fine linens on a silver platter compared to just out of the package. It’s the same cheese, but different. You have captured the essence of the grass being greener and things tasting sweeter. Well Done! This is exceptionally brilliant! Love this! ♥


  3. I recently had a conversation with someone who has pretty much never had anything denied to him, but has very staunch opinions about victimhood, law enforcement and racism. I just wanted to shake him and say “You have no idea what you’re talking about!” Perhaps I’ll send him your story. Anonymously.

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    1. Knowing I have my own set of privileges, I hesitated before publishing this. Then I thought it doesn’t hurt to use my imagination to develop some empathy. Here’s hoping your acquaintance can learn to put himself in others’ shoes.


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