Sunday Slideshow: first day of first grade

There was a glitch in the computer system for the school district’s transportation office. That mean that we did not get a letter telling us what time the bus would arrive by the first day of school. I could have checked during the open house, but the line to speak with someone snaked around the cafeteria so far that I gave up. I just had to go with the automated phone message that announced the computer issues but assured parents that pick-up time would be “within fifteen minutes of last year’s time.” Fifteen minutes doesn’t sound like much, but I had no idea if the bus would be fifteen minutes earlier or later. That’s why I took Philip to the end of street before 8:00 am on Thursday to wait.

So we waited. And waited. And waited some more. We stayed in the car at first, but, the later it got, the more I worried that somehow I had  missed the bus. I got out and peered down the street. I caught a glimpse of another child swinging a backpack in front of his house, so I took that as a sign that the bus had not yet passed us by. I let Philip out of the car to wait with me. Finally, at twenty-five after, we caught a glimpse of the bus heading our way. Of course, I was so anxious to ask the driver what time drop-off would be, I didn’t take a photo of Philip actually getting on the bus.

I later found out that the buses were all running late the first day. The good news is that Philip’s daily report came home saying he had an awesome day with no tears. It turns out that I was the only one anxious about all the waiting.

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Did you have to ride a bus to school? Did you ever miss it? What’s your best first day of school memory?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: first day of first grade

  1. monkey never go school but long many year ago Man say all first day in elementary school = exciting with new shoe & pencil box. back in early life of Man only farm kid ride bus. every body else walk or ride bike. now monkey wish philip good luck this year in grade # 1.


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