Sunday Slideshow: Knox County OSTPA pull

While Peter has been to many pulls at fairs on his own over the past few summers, he gets bored and lonely attending by himself. Last summer, all three of us drove to Mount Vernon to see the Ohio State Tractor Pullers Association event at the Knox County Fair. The price seemed reasonable: the $5.00 fair admission included the grandstand event. Unfortunately, as we walked around the fairgrounds, the skies grew dark and we heard a tornado was on the way. Rather than risk getting soaked or, even worse, being in dangerous weather, we left. Wouldn’t you know that the sun came out on our way home?

Therefore, you can imagine how obsessively I checked the weather forecast on August 1 before we made the trip again this summer. But I had nothing to worry about. In fact, I would have appreciated some clouds as we sat in the bright sun waiting for the pull to start.

This pull was great because spectators can walk around the pits and check out the participants. It helped kill time plus it was neat to see the vehicles up close. After walking around, Peter chose our seats. We sat in the bleachers along the track right next to the starting line. The nice thing about sitting at the start is that you always see action. We were there early enough to watch them chalk the lines, prep the track and get the sled set up.

When the first super modified four-wheel drive truck roared to life, Philip jumped and then willingly put on his earmuffs. He wore them the whole night which was a big relief for me. When we went to the pull in June, he made me put my hands over his ears. I’m sure that wasn’t a completely effective sound barrier. Of course, even with the ear muffs, he pulled my hands to his ears for added pressure. Of course, I needed to cover my own ears since I had no ear plugs. I had brought plugs with me, but Philip had played with them while we waited. He even made as if to put them in his own ears. When he finished dangling and swinging them, he gave them back to me. That’s when I realized they were wet. I decided not to put them in my ears.

I’m glad that we all went. Peter enjoyed the company and Philip seemed to have a good time. We left after the sanctioned event, skipping the local classes. Philip’s eyes were getting droopy and Peter and I were tired of listening to two braggarts loudly try to outdo each other’s knowledge of pulling. Like I said – I had no ear plugs.

The good news was that, despite all of the sensory input, Philip didn’t show any ill effects the next day. The ear muffs made a difference, plus not getting home too late prevented a disruption to his sleep schedule. Hopefully, we’ll find one more inexpensive pull for the whole family before the season ends.


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