You #BeReal and I’ll #BeReal

For some reason, I forget that my point-and-shoot camera also has video capability. I remembered this last month when we were at a tractor pull and I accidentally hit the button. Philip loved watching the tractor go again on his camera.

Once I was reminded of this function I wanted to capture Philip either talking or singing on camera. Unfortunately, I kept missing opportunities. Either I wouldn’t think of it until it was over or the TV was blaring and you wouldn’t be able to hear or Philip wasn’t decent. This kid avoids wearing pants at all costs.

Last weekend, Philip was doing a riff on “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” In his underwear. I made him put on shorts, ran to get the camera and began to record.

Just as I finished, I realized that it was time to take Philip to the potty. I sat on the edge of the tub while he perched on the throne. I played the video back. Philip grabbed the camera from my hands. I switched over to camera mode. He turned the camera toward me. “Cheeese,” he said, so I said, “Cheese!” and he snapped the photo.

selfies 003

I hadn’t taken a shower that morning. I’m not certain if my hair was combed. It didn’t matter. I smiled.

I took the camera back. After he finished and washed his hands, I took a photo of him.  Then he took the camera back and began snapping pics of our reflection in the bathroom mirror. Each photo revealed just how much toothpaste splatter was on the mirror. I didn’t care.

selfies 007 selfies 014

These photos are real. Not staged. Completely spontaneous. You can see my swimsuit hanging up behind me. Philip closed his eyes. The mirror looks gross. But I wouldn’t trade these photos for the world.

I’m joining the #BeReal link-up. You can, too.



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