Sunday Slideshow: blueberry picking

After attending the farm machinery show last Saturday, we stopped at a nearby blueberry patch. We hadn’t been there since the end of last season, so we had depleted our supply of frozen berries.

Last year, Philip picked indiscriminately, tossing hard, green, unripened berries in with the plump ready-to-eat ones. This year, he seemed to know exactly which ones to select. In fact, he picked them and popped them right in his mouth.

“Put them in the bucket,” I would say. He would drop them in the bucket and then immediately take several out to eat. I’m thankful that this orchard doesn’t spray their fruit because there was no opportunity to wash them before them were consumed.

When it came time to do self check-out, I rounded up to the nearest pound to account for all the berries that Philip ate. I also held the bucket on my lap for the drive home because I don’t think there would have been any left.

At home, I put our harvest into containers for the freezer for the same reason. We are rationing them out.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: blueberry picking

    1. I feel lucky we can pick them locally. Philip is only gradually adding more fruits to his diets, so I’m glad we have access to one that he likes.


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