Proud to be among The Mighty

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My mighty kid

There’s a great site I recently discovered that shares inspiring stories about facing life with illness or disability. The Mighty features essays written from personal experience. When I read these stories, sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. I wanted to be a part of this, so I’ve submitted a few posts (I’ve linked them below).

When I Didn’t Recognize the Woman Next to My Son with Autism (published July 15, 2015)

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The Moment in the Produce Aisle That Proved the Autism Specialists Wrong (published June 30, 2015)


I Don’t Need a College Degree to Understand This About My Son With Autism (published June 3, 2015)

What's not to love?

What’s not to love?

Why Overhearing a Mother’s 3 Words to Her Son Made Me Flinch (published April 21, 2015)

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You know that advice, “Never read the comments”? So far, I’ve found that hasn’t been a problem at The Mighty. The site has attracted a community of readers  who want to support contributors and to learn from their stories. I invite you to stop by The Mighty today.

The Mighty Contributor

3 thoughts on “Proud to be among The Mighty

  1. I’m glad you’ve found an online place that resonates with you. I’ve seen a few articles at The Mighty I liked but I have seen more that were yucky or offensive to me so I tend to avoid the site.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that it isn’t a safe site for you. It should be a place free of ableism and open to voices like yours. I’ll remember to read with care in the future.


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