take a hammer to them

How high the moon?

That was the ultimate question, and I was pleased with the forty-two words I came up with to answer it. I’d wrangled their arrangement in my head during several morning walks with the dog until I ended up with a microstory.  I was proud to earn an editor’s pick for “distant” at the yeah write challenge.

Just so I didn’t get too big a head over it, however, the universe sent Nate my way. Nate is one of the editors at yeah write. I felt fortunate that he had time to stop by, read and comment on the story. Nate’s comments are like gold. He has a knack for capturing the best of others’ writing and gently making suggestions for improvement as needed. His response to my tiny tale was poetic:

innatejames says:

June 4, 2015 at 2:41 pm 

Your china images are all balancing perfectly, delicate and stretching upward. Then you take a hammer to them.

And that’s how I got upstaged on my own blog. Therefore, it’s only fitting that I select Nate’s words as my June Comment of the Month and add them to my Couldn’t have said it better page.

Want to experience more of Nate’s insight and deft handling of words? Check out his blog The Relative Cartographer. You can like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter, too.


4 thoughts on “take a hammer to them

  1. I promise I meant my comment as a compliment and not a criticism. I thought you showed amazing control with your words, and that you fully intended to shatter the balanced tower you had built.


        1. I figured out why I liked your comment so much. My favorite scene in “Office Space” is where they take the baseball bats to the printer. It appeals to me because I often fantasize about smashing things up out of anger and in frustration. Your comment let me know I had a chance to metaphorically destroy something.


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