Sunday Slideshow: Fourth of July Parade

Philip joined his fellow cub scouts in a parade on Independence Day. It was his first time in uniform as well as his first time in a parade. He did a great job considering we had to be there an hour before the parade started. Fortunately, Philip and many of the other boys were entertained by ants swarming over a rock near where we assembled.

The pack was right behind the American Legion color guard leading the parade and not far in front of the high school marching band. Philip turned around and walked backwards a few times when the band caught his ear. This was a better distraction than the sirens of the fire trucks and police cars. I was happy they were at the end of the procession.

I walked behind the scouts while the den leader held Philip’s hand. I was happy that he didn’t get scared and kept up with the others. I was also excited when he ate two freezer pops. I didn’t know he liked them! I guess I know what I’ll be buying the next time we go to the grocery store.

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