Sunday Slideshow: J.U.M.P. Playground

Looking for somewhere free to go last Sunday, I consulted a web page that has helped in the past: Northeast Ohio Family Fun. Since the weather was sunny and warm, I wanted something outdoors. That’s how we ended up at the J.U.M.P Playground at Memorial Park in Medina.

The place has a definite wow factor. There is a maze of wooden structures that includes slides, places to climb and swings. It opens up to a nice wooded area, too.

The highlight of our visit was the miniature basketball court. The short hoop is ideal for younger kids. We lucked out that someone had left behind a basketball. It was slightly flat and didn’t bounce very well, but Philip still enjoyed trying to dribble. I had no idea he would be so interested in shooting hoops. While we were there, a father brought his three children to the court. His kids and ours did a great job sharing the space.

My only regret is that we didn’t take Roscoe. It turns out there is a dog park, too. It was deserted so we wouldn’t have had to worry about an inappropriate doggy behaviors (mostly from Roscoe). Of course, it was nice not to have to worry about both dog and boy, especially since Philip dashed off when he had tired of basketball.

I look forward to another visit to the park. I’m sure Philip does, too.


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