Sunday Slideshow: fishing derby

On Saturday, I went swimming with the fishes.

Okay, “swimming” is a bit of an exaggeration, but there were definitely fish. I know because Philip caught two. That was after he went wading into the lake twice forcing me to do the same. It made me glad I had skipped my morning shower.

I didn’t bother cleaning up on Saturday morning because it was raining with more precipitation and thunderstorms in the forecast. Peter headed off to do some car repairs, so Philip and I were on our own. It didn’t look like we would be joining Philip’s Tiger Cub Scout den at the Findley State Park Young Angler’s Fishing Derby, so we drove south to town where it continued to rain.

I kept expecting to hear from the den leader that the event had been canceled due to weather, but no phone call came. As we headed toward home, I realized that the rain had stopped further north. Since this was Philip’s first official outing as a Tiger Cub, I drove straight to the park without stopping to pick my camera. I was embarrassed we would forty-five minutes late.

It turned out being late and not having the camera were to my advantage. Philip had no fear of going into the lake. When I waded after him, the water came up to my pockets. I’m pretty sure if I’d had the camera, I would be reporting its demise by drowning. Also, I would have had to spent that much more time trying to keep Philip out of the lake. While I was fortunate that some of the other den parents were there to help, I really couldn’t spare my hands for too long. I was able to snap a few photos on my phone when we weren’t standing next to the lake.

When Philip wasn’t trying to swim with the fish, he helped me reel in two five and a half inch blue gills. A smaller, third fish escaped off the hook near the end, so now we have a “one that got away” tale to share. We caught all three fish using a single worm. I called it our lucky worm. Philip just watched it wiggle.

Besides getting wet, the only other mishap was when a bee buzzed near Philip as we were packing up. In an effort to escape, Philip ended up bumping into a tree. He has a small scrape from the bark on his forehead. I’m just happy neither of us got impaled with a fish-hook.

The Lagrange Hunting and Fishing Club provided a free Father’s Day picnic lunch after the event. This was a nice chance to get to know some of the other kids and parents in the troop. I was happy that Philip ate a hot dog, even if he skipped the bun.

I’m glad that Philip and I went today. Sure, it’s a bit scary to have Philip plunge into water of unknown depths, but we’ll continue to work on that impulse control. I appreciated the chance to see if Philip would like fishing. Everything was free – in addition to the food, the park loaned out the fishing pole and provided a cup of worms to use as bait. Now that we know Philip likes watching someone cast into the water and is keen to reel in the line, we might invest in a cheap pole. Since we live within yards of a lake, we may have discovered a new activity to enjoy as a family.

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