Sunday Slideshow: Lake Erie Nature and Science Center

Have you ever had the experience where you live somewhere, move away and only then discover places and resources that you never knew existed? Today, Peter, Philip and I drove an hour north to visit a nature center that would have been only a fifteen minute drive from a place where we used to live. The Lake Erie Nature and Science Center has both indoor and outdoor exhibits for visitors of all ages. Admission is free although they do accept donations. Shows in the planetarium do require a paid ticket. We arrived between shows, so we opted to skip this part. That was okay, because there was still plenty to see. The biggest surprise was not how much Philip liked the tide pool in the Exhibit Hall or how he ignored the instructions not to put his hands in the water. Twice. No, Peter and I were both intrigued by how captivated he was with the bee display. I think since the exhibit is soundproof, Philip could enjoy observing them without hearing them buzz. Outside, however, Philip was not pleased with the various bugs and insects flying around. He tended to cower behind me or cover his head, so I don’t think he was able to appreciate seeing the birds of prey and other creatures there. The weather was beautiful, but I’d like to go back on a milder day or earlier in the morning so we can take advantage of the trails and other resources of the Cleveland Metroparks Huntington Reservation. I’ll definitely pack a picnic for us to partake in after another visit to the Nature Center.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Lake Erie Nature and Science Center

  1. Absolutely I feel that way. Home is quite a ways a way so when I go back sometimes I find myself seeking out all the tourist stuff that I was never interested in when I lived there.

    That bee exhibit does look fascinating; I don’t blame Philip for being so captivated 🙂

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  2. I love discovering new/old nature places. I posted a photo earlier this week on FB of a man in one of those utility truck buckets. He was high up in a tree collecting bees from a hive. Very cool.

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  3. This seems to be such a lovely place, especially for children, to interact and learn with nature. I always enjoy watching your slide shows. It’s such a neat and unique feature for a blog!


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