FOG’s 4th Annual Mad Libs Entries: VOTE NOW!

WARNING; Reading of these entries may cause you to spit out any beverage you are consuming. Reader discretion is advised.

Sharing at the yeah write weekend writing showcase not to campaign for votes but to share in the fun. Hell, I didn’t even vote for myself. There were too many other entries that were so much funnier. Enjoy!

Wow! I tied for third place and received this cool badge:


Fish Of Gold

Last week, I asked you to give me some words in order to win a prize. Well, I’ve lackadaisically slapped your words into a bit of story I wrote from The Dwarf Making Sweet, Sweet Love To The Skeleton Part 6. Here’s the original text.

Oren has his fingers in every pocket in this city. Nobody knows more about goons than he does. His legal businesses are night clubs. His illegal businesses include high-stakes gambling, gun running, information retrieval and trading, and making people disappear. Not the magic trick type of disappear where they’re just hiding in a small compartment (tada!), but the disappear forever type. If I wanted to hire some goons, I’d go to him and so would everyone else in the know. If these are hired goons, Oren will know about it.

And without further ado, here are your brilliant bits of fiction in the order in…

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