it’s a private thing

I used to teach music. At the time I never planned on being a mother, so everything I learned about music was for my students. Once I discovered I was pregnant, however, I never doubted that I would do my best to raise my child in a rich, musical environment. I had a full repertoire of finger plays, chants, lullabies and songs. I was prepared!

And then I wasn’t.

Philip loves music. It has proven useful to make up songs to go with daily routines just as I used to do in the classroom. Still, we don’t sing together like I had hoped or imagined we would.

I love hearing Philip sing. I’m never certain whether he is re-creating a song he has learned at school or purely improvising. Early last month while I was making supper, Philip was singing. I recognized “How I wonder what you are.” Both Peter and I smiled as Philip repeated the song’s first two lines again and again. Then, convinced that Philip would want to know that I understood him, I began to sing with him.

He stopped singing and stared at me.

He didn’t appear upset, but I had interrupted him and he did not resume the song. I wrote a poem about it using the same rhythm of the song and then rewrote it to make the connection clearer.

Eli Pacheco, aka Coach Daddy, read the revision and left this comment:

Eli Pacheco says:

May 29, 2015 at 8:53 am 

First, i love (and know) the subject matter – that moment when you want to jump in and join a kid as they play, but, no offense, it’s a private thing. I’ve learned to appreciate from afar and not give any indication how much bliss is going on in my head.

Second, I love the revision. It starts off with a bang. Not that the original is bad. It’s like an upgrade from a real good cheddar cheese to Provolone, which is just superlative.

Eli, no offense was taken. First of all, being compared to good cheese will also win me over. Secondly, you are right. Philip was enjoying his own play and didn’t need his mom butting in.

For giving me perspective on the incident, I’ve chosen Eli’s reply as my May Comment of the Month. It will live on at my Couldn’t have said it better page.

For more great insights, I encourage you to stop by Eli’s blog. As you can tell by the blog name, he writes about his experiences as a father and a coach.  He was a 2014 BlogHer Voice of the Year. He hosts guest bloggers every Wednesday, plus he has a monthly “In 6 Words” feature. He has invited me to participate, but I always freeze up. It’s only six words, but Eli assembles a fabulous collection of bloggers and the pressure is just too much for me. Still, I admire the way that Eli takes the time to visit and support other bloggers. Show him how much that is appreciated by following him on Twitter or leaving a comment on one of his posts.

One thought on “it’s a private thing

  1. It’s an honor! I loved that your post got me thinking – more like remembering – these kinds of moments with my girls. Sometimes you can get down and play and share what they’re doing, and other times, well, it’s their world. A private thing, as you said.

    I’ll keep inviting you to add to six words because I know you’ll fit right in with us.

    Thanks for the honor and the shout-out.

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