Musica universalis

My boy chanting as he plays
How I wonder what he sings
Melodies we cannot share
Never songs I recognize.
Tune him out and carry on
Background noise before bath time.

One night: lyrics diamond-clear!
My heart skipped to beat in time
I joined in but then he stopped
Broke the spell and then my heart
Twinkle on my shining boy
Make the star-song all your own.

8 thoughts on “Musica universalis

  1. I love your word choices in this, Cyn. What “make” does to that last line, as if the star-song were a tapestry. And I love your choice of diamond-clear over the more expected crystal-clear. The harder edge and specialness of the moment. So good.


    1. Funny how a piece evolves: “diamond clear” began as “words I knew” then “crystal clear” until I realized that diamond would link the poem to the song.
      As I told Jennifer, you had me thinking I should rewrite the first line to tie the poem in to the song even more. Since I already linked it up, I’ll leave it as is.


  2. I love all the clues to the tune–“How I wonder,” “diamond,” “Twinkle on,” “star-song”–AND the fact that they work to further your touching story. That last line, especially, crystallizes the hopes and frustrations of mothering.


    1. After I read Nate’s comment, I was worried that I hadn’t made the song clear and was itching to rewrite the first line. Your reply made me a bit more confident that the song came through.


  3. I really like this. The imagery, and the connection with the classic tune, and the way you tie it all together, and especially the last two lines. Brilliant work.


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