the sea of blame

someone slashed my moorings
while I looked out to sea
now I am adrift in salty waters

or perhaps:

I neglected the ropes

securing me to the shore
until they frayed and snapped
and I was loosed among rough waves



someone robbed the wind from my sails
while I looked out to sea
now I am left stranded in the doldrums

or perhaps:

I forgot to paddle
hoping someone else would row

Until all motion ceased

And I was stuck far off my course



someone let me drown
while I looked out to sea
now I am interred in brine forever

or perhaps:

I ignored the waves

lapping at my ankles
until it was too late 

and I was swallowed whole

9 thoughts on “the sea of blame

  1. I like the presence of mind in your poem, Cyn. It’s one thing to blame everything on yourself or on anyone else; it’s another thing to be present enough in the situations to see both sides.


  2. Great poem: the structure, the precise words, the tension in opposition, the universality of its message. Such skill you have. You so often write for all of us, capture what we have felt but never expressed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am not a huge fan of poetry but this one I really connected with. I just wanted to shout “Yes!” when I read it. Accountability!! But topic aside, great choice of words throughout…like “neglected” and “robbed”…perfect choices to convey the ideas of blame and accountability. Really liked this!


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