two bag limit

I’ve packed the bags beneath my eyes
with lack of sleep and fatty foods,
with pennies pinched, some unsaid words,
and sorrow deep that won’t depart.

I’ve filled those bags with misplaced trust,
a squandered chance, a risk that failed,
both tiny sins and huge regrets,
my uncried tears and swallowed rage.

I’ve stashed my worries, stowed my fears,
hid dreams dismissed and secret shames,
trussed tarnished truths and polished lies.
I’ve stuffed the bitter bundle full.

I’ve crammed the bags beneath my eyes
until they’ve bulged all black and blue.
Now I can skip the baggage claim
since I’ve checked none and carry all.


16 thoughts on “two bag limit

  1. To think you were nervous about writing poetry. This is fantastic, Cyn. A parade of clever metaphors. You mentioned alliteration in a recent note on one of my posts. Reading this, I can tell that alliteration has been on your mind lately.


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